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Yoga Therapy for the Individual

Yoga must be made to suit the individual, not the individual to suit the yoga – T Krishnamacharya

Yoga therapy with Brisbane yoga therapist Craig Smith


The adaptation of yoga for therapeutic benefit is yoga therapy. An individual yoga program is designed for your specific needs to gain optimal well-being. At your initial consultation, your physical needs are assessed, followed by a series of private lessons for about a month to help you learn your program of daily activities (simple movements, breathing techniques, sound, relaxation and meditation).

Craig Smith is a qualified yoga therapist. He holds a 3-year, Post Graduate Diploma of Yoga Therapy with Yoga Therapy Australia under the expert guidance of Dr N Chandrasekaran from Yoga Vaidya Sala, Chennai India. Yoga Therapy Australia trains yoga therapists to understand modern pathology and ancient tradition.

The ancient and authentic yogic knowledge gained from the teachings of Sri T Krishnamacharya were passed through his son T.K.V Desikachar onto Dr NC who is spreading the valuable knowledge of Yoga Therapy as a complimentary health system to support the human constitution back to a state of health in this modern world.

“Yoga Therapy is not a medical system.
For it is not disease oriented.
Yoga Therapy is individual oriented.
All of our focus is only on wellness of the individual”
Dr N Chandrasekaran

Contact Craig for an individual Yoga Therapy session so that you can have a tailor made yoga practice to suit your needs. The consultations are conducted in Craig’s peaceful clinic room in Brighton.

Allow a minimum of 2 x hours for the Initial consultation.

Cost: Initial consultation = $110

Follow up consultation = $80

Mob: 0413873161


Brisbane yoga therapist Craig Smith