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 “Allow your practice to be surrounded by your breath. For it is through the breath that we come to reach and calm the mind”

 Come and join Senior registered teacher (YA) Craig Smith on Sunday, 7th July for another Breath focused practice.
Craig will guide you through an extended asana practice incorporating chanting and visualisation (yoga sutras in action) to reach and move beyond the busy mind.
This will be followed by the classic techniques and rhythms of Pranayama and finishing with Deep relaxation in Yoga Nidra. The day will end with Chai and Bliss balls.
Open to all levels.

The cost is $60
email: ymbcraig@gmail.com
0413 873 161


Tuesday evening Brighton class cancelled for school holidays on the 2nd and 9th of July.

Class will resume on the 16th July


At Yoga & Meditation Brisbane we offer an open space for you to come and practice an ancient science, Yoga, designed to generate health, happiness, contentment and a greater sense of Self.
We conduct yoga classes in inner and North Brisbane, in New Farm, Albion, Wooloowin, Brighton, as well as Yoga Retreats, Corporate Yoga Classes and One on One Yoga Therapy for all types of conditions.



I hope you will join me on our deep exploration of the body, breath and mind connection using the practice of asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation, following the Viniyoga tradition of Krisnamacharya.

Let us further explore the profound effect of concentrated breathing practices and it’s positive effect on the mind, physical bodies and physiology.
Our classes are conducted in a friendly, personal, welcoming, and supportive way, with much care given to your individual needs and abilities. Our teachers are some of the most experienced in Brisbane and have been trained in the traditional, classical practices of Hatha Yoga.


2019 Yoga & Meditation Retreat dates and venues.


 Springbrook Retreats

June 7 – 9

“Adapting to Change”

 As we know, there is no greater certainty in life than change.
Change can be difficult to accept and deal with in many areas of our life.
The world we live in is rapidly changing so we need to learn to adapt to this change in healthy ways to maintain balance in all areas of our life.
This retreat will explore the different ways in which we can navigate change from the practical to the  philosophical and also through artistic expression.
There will be the usual classical techniques of asana, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra used in ways to assist in the navigation of change.
Please reply to this email requesting a registration form if you wish to attend.
We look forward to sharing this weekend with you.
Craig and Phillipa will again guide you through a weekend of classical authentic yogic practices to lead you to that place of self discovery.

Nov 1 – 3 


Greece  24th Sept  – 1st Oct 2019

Greece Retreat Fully booked

If you are arriving before or staying on after the Retreat in Greece in 2019 then think about a swimming tour with friend and yoga student Mark Otter. Click here for information.

Come and delve into your yoga practice in the Beautiful surroundings of Amorous in the Greek Islands



The benefits of Yoga are many:
Yoga attunes the body, improves posture, corrects breathing patterns, helps reduce stress, brings deep relaxation, and if you wish, enhances personal growth.
Regular practice encourages the body to become healthier, fitter, more mobile and flexible, and stronger. The mind experiences clarity, focus, and tranquility.

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