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Yoga and Meditation Retreats, Public and private Yoga Classes and Yoga Therapy for any conditions of the human constitution

 Tuesday and Thursday mid morning classes are conducted at St Annes Church Hall, 127 Nelson Street Wooloowin. The class times are 10am – 11.30am

 Wednesday night Blokes yoga class in Sandgate is on at Sandbag Community Centre, 153 Rainbow Street, Sandgate 6.30-7.30pm

Shorncliffe, Tuesday morning Sunrise class for the dedicated yogi, 5.30-6.30am weather permitting.



Direct Deposit details for class payments.

A different account is used for Retreat payments.

Craig Smith

BSB: 724100

ACC: 100245854

Email Craig for details. ymbcraig@gmail.com




Italy Yoga Retreat, October 26 – November 02, 2024(Fully Booked)




The Springbrook Yoga and Meditation Retreat Dates for  2024.



May 31 – June 02 (Cancelled Due to low bookings)

October 4 – 7 (long weekend) Places available




Stay healthy in Body, Mind and Spirit and remember to be kind to yourself and others.

Send me an email if you wish to join the online classes.


Be kind to yourself and others


 “Allow your practice to be surrounded by your breath. For it is through the breath that we come to reach and calm the mind”



I am always available for Yoga Therapy sessions to support your practice or to provide guidance in those times of difficulty.




Contact Craig to make a booking: ymbcraig@gmail.com


At Yoga & Meditation Brisbane we offer an open space for you to come and practice an ancient science, Yoga, designed to generate health, happiness, contentment and a greater sense of Self.
We conduct yoga classes in inner and North Brisbane, in New Farm, Albion, Wooloowin, Brighton, as well as Yoga Retreats, Corporate Yoga Classes and One on One Yoga Therapy for all types of conditions.



I hope you will join me on our deep exploration of the body, breath and mind connection using the practice of asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation, following the Viniyoga tradition of Krisnamacharya.

Let us further explore the profound effect of concentrated breathing practices and it’s positive effect on the mind, physical bodies and physiology.
Our classes are conducted in a friendly, personal, welcoming, and supportive way, with much care given to your individual needs and abilities. Our teachers are some of the most experienced in Brisbane and have been trained in the traditional, classical practices of Hatha Yoga.


2024 Yoga & Meditation Retreat dates and venues.

fabulous views


February 23 – 25

May 31 – June 02

October 4 – 7 (long weekend)

There will be the usual classical techniques of asana, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra used in ways to assist in the navigation of change.
Craig and Phillipa will again guide you through a weekend of classical authentic yogic practices to lead you to that place of self discovery.


The benefits of Yoga are many:
Yoga attunes the body, improves posture, corrects breathing patterns, helps reduce stress, brings deep relaxation, and if you wish, enhances personal growth.
Regular practice encourages the body to become healthier, fitter, more mobile and flexible, and stronger. The mind experiences clarity, focus, and tranquility.

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