Bali 3 Day Yoga Sutra Seminar with Dr N Chandrasekaran










Yoga sutra- 3 day Seminar in the beautiful, tropical setting of Ubud, Bali

 Come and join Dr NC who has a deep passion to share his knowledge and understanding of the Yoga Sutra.

Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th September 2016 





One of the world’s most experienced Yoga Therapist, a Western Medical Doctor, International Yoga Teacher, Therapist trainer and author.


Of all the Texts, Yoga Sutra is the one most widely misunderstood.


It gives three paths to travel.

Everyone knows but one; Aśtānga Yoga.

Aśtānga Yoga has eight parts.

Most of the practitioners know but one; Āsana.

Yoga Sutra says that every part and path is to be crossed over.

But majority of the followers start and stop with one part or one path.

Efforts being the same, the ultimate achievement depends on

Our complete understanding and our attitude towards the goal.

To firmly establish in the goal,

One has to imbibe the text comprehensively.

Hearing and hearing it again and again is the first step.

All other requirements will follow depending on our earnest conviction.


If you have a thirst for a deeper understanding of the underlying foundations of the practice of yoga and the path outlined by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali then this Seminar is for you.

Come and join Dr NC who has a deep passion to share his knowledge and understanding of the Yoga Sutras.


This three-day seminar focuses on:

# An overall view of the text.

# Complete and concise discussion on all three paths given in Yoga Sutra.

# Obstacles on the way to Yoga.

# Principles and practices that guide our progression in Yoga.

# Yoga Sutra Chanting.

Yoga practitioners, Teachers and Therapists,

Make use of this opportunity to

# Refresh your understanding

# Clarify all your doubts

# Strengthen your clarity on Yoga Sutra 

Daily Program

7am – 8am Asana Practise

Breakfast 8- 9 am

9 – 10.30am Yoga Sutra chanting and Theory

10.30am Break

10.50am – 12.30pm Yoga Sutra Theory & Pranayama practise

12.30pm lunch

2.00pm – 3.30pm Yoga Sutra Theory

3.30pm – 3.50pm Break

3.50pm – 5.00pm Yoga Sutra Theory & Meditation practise


               YOGA is intense, incessant and perfect ACTION.

Location:  Ubud, BaliIMG_3300

Venue: Anhera Suites (Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali) .

Cost:  $500 for the Seminar only (lunch is not included)










Accommodation can also be organised as an extra cost five Minutes walk from the seminar venue.

Taman Indrakila (Ubud, Bali):








Important: Flights to be organized independently by each participant. Accommodation can be organised at the venue or nearby. Please indicate if you would like to share accommodation with others.

For Bookings contact Craig Smith:


Phone: 0413 873 161