Come and join in for some soothing meditations for the mind. Covid19 stress management.

A different meditation each night to choose from.

Join Zoom Meditation meeting.

Payment by Donation for those working or free for those under financial stress

Meeting ID: 499 473 6747

Password 320532


Direct Deposit details.

Craig Smith

BSB: 724100

ACC: 100245854

Email Craig for details.


Monday – Friday nightly Meditation. 8.00pm – 8.30pm. Payment by donation.

( Brisbane GMT +10)


Monday – Jada Samadhi, body focus

Tuesday – Witnessing with Awareness, watching the mind

Wednesday – Ayur Mantra, active meditation

Thursday – Prana Samadhi, breath focus

Friday – White light Healing Meditation

Sit in comfort

Make it easier to sit for meditation by purchasing a meditation stool

Contact Craig : 0413 873 161

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