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Benefits of Meditation

10 clear observable effects of meditation

1. Good physical health & quick recovery in cases of illness.

2. A sense of renunciation of useless things

3. A proper sense of proportion in life .Things are done when necessary and not out of uncurbed energy.

4. Strengthening of the facilities of experience.5 Senses of perception .5 Organs of  action .

5. Forgiveness, which depends on not letting the mind get excited .From this kindness & compassion increase, developing naturally into universal love .

6. Loss of the sense of separation. This is mine, this is yours.

7. Freedom from greed .Freedom from envy & malice .First less greedy & then not  greedy at all.

8. Freedom from fear.

9. Increase in self confidence.

10. Gloominess diminishes .We see the bright side of things.

These are the symptoms of meditation and these are the very qualities that are most difficult to attain in any other way. With meditation they come naturally as hunger is naturally satisfied from eating .These are the observable effects of meditation not the aim. The aim of meditation is to disperse the feeling of incompleteness ,which we experience due to ignorance and uniquely by restoring balance to lead us to completeness to wholeness to unity and ultimately to simple truth itself .

While philosophy asks the master questions it is the fortunate few who discover  that it is meditation which holds the master key to their resolution and  we should be happy to join that few .

Transcribed from Philosophy & Meditation lecture by Mr Michael Ryan.

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